About Us

We founded West Tenth as a way to discover the women-owned, home-based businesses in our own neighborhoods. We know that the home-based entrepreneurs around us have enormous talents - it’s time to make sure our communities know it too.

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Our Team

Lyn, CEO

Lyn concepted West Tenth during her MBA studies at the University of Oxford in 2018 where she took time to study women’s economic status.  She’s a mom of three, a former CFO, and a bit of a nerd (if we’re being honest).

Andi, COO

Andi also earned an MBA at Oxford after spending her early career at the NHL as the manager of retail & marketing partnerships. She’s a former soccer goalie, a St Louis Blues fan, and a connoisseur of all things hummus.

Candice, Director of Tech

Candice is a computer science engineer with an MS from BYU focused on computer vision algorithms (she’s really that cool). She has an eye for design that comes fully equipped with a photography hobby and an itch for seeing new places.

"The home-based entrepreneurs around us have enormous talents - it’s time to make sure our communities know about them."

Our Story

In 2018 our founder, Lyn, went back to school as a mom of three. As part of her graduate program, she had the opportunity to study the economic activity of women and she was blown away by the enormity of work that women contribute to their local economies for free. It made her realize that communities need a better way to engage with women’s talents and a better way to support the incredible women who have turned their talents into home-based businesses.

In 2019, Lyn assembled a team and West Tenth was born. Today, Candice, Sara, Elaina, Emily, Nora, Haley, and Keith are all working with Lyn to move West Tenth forward, one storefront at a time

Continuing the Story

The story of West Tenth could not be complete without telling the story of our growing community.

We are home-based, independently owned and operated businesses. We are gifters. We are makers. We are stylists. We are doers. But most importantly, we are your neighbors.

To join this community is to join a vibrant network of home-based businesses. Discover the home-based businesses around the corner. Discover West Tenth.