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Part marketplace

We started West Tenth—in part—because we realized some of our favorite businesses operate from the kitchen, the bedroom, or the garage. They aren’t found on Google, Yelp, or in the local coupon mailer.

They’re run by people who are growing a business while growing a family. They have unique talents and want to use them to help their community.

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Part mission

At West Tenth, we’re on a mission. To create a new economy where those who want to work for themselves find the faith to bet on themselves. Where passion turns to profits. And where financial well-being is free for the taking.

Already, thousands of home-based businesses share one address: West Tenth.

And when you’re ready, we have a place for you, too.

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Hi!👋We're Lyn & Sara,

co-founders of West Tenth




Like many of you, we’ve built West Tenth from home—amid the distractions and demands of kids, partners, and puppies.

And, like you, we really want to do work we love, for people we adore. For us, that means helping the coolest, small businesses in our communities grow and be seen.

We love the local businesses we've brought together and we hope you love them too!

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