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Discover the smallest businesses in your community

And get help with home and family life from local businesses you'll fall in love with

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One site. So many businesses to love.

Here’s a sample of what you will find on West Tenth:

Local Gifting Business In Provo, UT

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Share your talents with thousands of new customers looking for the very thing that you are great at.

West Tenth helps home-based businesses like yours find customers, build community, and make money. It takes just minutes, and sign-up is completely free.

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West Tenth is the world's only marketplace where you can shop the talents of people in your own neighborhood.

Whether you're looking for a unique gift or skilled services, there's likely someone on West Tenth who bakes it, makes it, photographs it, designs it, organizes it, or does it.

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"West Tenth makes it simple for home-based businesses to advertise their products or services, communicate with potential customers, and receive payment."


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