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We turn bread-makers into

West Tenth helps home-based businesses like yours find customers, build community, and make money. It takes just minutes, and sign-up is completely free. 


Perks of selling on West Tenth


No sign-up fee

West Tenth takes a small percentage when you sell.


It’s quick & easy

Listing your store takes less than 5 minutes.


Come as you are

No web presence or payment services? Use ours.


It’s a community

Many of our sellers are also customers!


Thousands of shoppers 

And they’re all local to you.


Motivated buyers

Our customers are value-driven; they buy big and often.

Pricing Calculator

If you aren't 100% sure what prices you should be charging your customers, we can help!

Enter your email and and we'll send you our pricing calculator.

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The Foundry is business school for home-based businesses

Whether your at-home business is booming, or you’re still questioning whether your talent is ready for Main Street, West Tenth can help.

At The Foundry, we’ve built a community of entrepreneurs, mentors, and classes to help you—no matter what stage you’re in. Come meet and learn from other cake bakers, cookie makers, and bread bakers. We'll cover important topics like obtaining a baking license for at home businesses.

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“I'm just blown away constantly at how much I learn and gain from just interacting with people in this community. Thank you for providing the platform and the incredible opportunities. What a gift.”

— Britney W.

Questions? We've got answers.

You may work solo, but you’re not alone. West Tenth has a community of home bakers, cake bakers, cookie bakers, cake pop makers, and cake designers to help you navigate the adventure of growing your home business. We'll tackle questions around obtaining a home baking license, cottage food laws, and pricing.

Here are some of the common business questions we love answering:

Still have questions?
Contact us directly (310) 400-0610

There are many ways to bake a cake.
The best way is to let someone else do it.

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