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3 Ways to Celebrate National Business Women’s Week®

Today marks the start of National Business Women’s Week®, a time to honor, appreciate, and recognize working women and their families. An initiative first observed in 1928, to this day, it has long championed women in the business, celebrated female entrepreneurs, and provided awareness around challenges facing women in business.

National Business Women's Week® kicks off the launch of our #TisHerSeason pledge, to commit 50% of your holiday spending to women-owned businesses. Over the next few weeks, we will raise awareness around the impact, value, and ways to support women in business this holiday season.

Here are 3 ways you can celebrate women in business this week:

  1. Sign the #TisHerSeason Pledge to show support: Join our mission and pledge to commit 50% of your purchasing power to women-owned and women-run businesses.

  2. Shop women-owned businesses on West Tenth for products and services you already plan to purchase. Explore what's new & local to you on the app. Click here.

  3. Use your voice to share the #TisHerSeason campaign! Copy & share the caption below and discover additional resources online here.

Suggested Caption:

To honor what women in business have accomplished and recognize the challenges they still face, for National Business Women's Week, I am taking the #TisHerSeason pledge to commit 50% of my holiday spending towards women-owned businesses and invest in equitable economic growth for our communities.


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