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6 Ways to Beat Back-to-School Stress (2022)

When preparing to head back to the classroom, we're often just focused on checking off that essentials list of supplies including getting a new lunchbox, water bottle and backpack filled with all the right pencils and notebooks. But we're giving you an even better list to check off. This West Tenth Guide to a No-Stress Back-To-School season is filled with everything you need to tap into on West Tenth to have a smooth season!

1. Pick up Something Special for Your Teachers. Explore sweet gifts for teachers and classrooms, like Just Cuttin' Up Custom Classroom Signs.

2. Nail Down the Bed-Time Routine. Tap into baby and child sleep consultants to help give you tips to simplify and prepare your child for that back-to-school bedtime routine for restful nights, like virtual sleep consultant Dr. Susan Van Scoyoc Ph.D of Kids Who Sleep.

3. Tutoring Services & Home Schooling Resources. Start the academic year with the support you child needs to stay ahead, set goals, and continue learning, like Taylor Hyde Tutoring.

4. Get Organized. Whether it's help getting your kids room organized, the kitchen pantry, or the whole house, did you know there are professional home organizers who can make the magic happen for you?? Search for Home Organizers and Professional Cleaners in your area here.

5. New Year. New Menu. Need help planning those school lunches, picking healthy after school snacks kids will love, or planning your weekly dinner menu? Discover A Balanced Life Training Monthly Recipe Pack.

6. Jumpstart Your Time. From setting your fitness goals and getting the support to reach those wellness targets to tapping into someone to help you run some of those extra errands while you're busy hauling little ones to and from after-school activities - gain back some time with a helping hand to get it all done. Explore personal trainers, life assistants, and endless local service professionals to help you check off that to-do list.


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