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Meet Merley of Celebrate Sweetly

After years of putting on her kids’ birthday parties, helping plan weddings, and truly loving finding the perfect gifts for her friends, Merley organically transformed her hobby into an actual business - Celebrate Sweetly, a personal gift concierge service. Her talents and passion help her create highly personal, customized gifts for her clients.

Celebrate Sweetly clients do not need to do more than provide a few details about the recipient’s interest and their budget and Merley works her magic. The process is simplified and stress-free.

As a small business she's faced many hurdles over the past seven year of building her business, but she looks at every challenge as an opportunity for growth. And growth is what she's focusing on. It's her incredible clients and the meaningful relationships she builds that make the hard work of running a small business so rewarding.

At Celebrate Sweetly, one of my missions is to teach people that gifting matters. Saying thank you and expressing appreciation is a natural part of any relationship. People enjoy doing business with those they know, like, and trust; giving a great gift helps nurture relationships. That being said, for a gift to be meaningful, it has to be more than just throwing generic stuff at someone.


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