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Find Your Fire From Fellow Female Founders

This International Women's Day and in honor of Women’s History Month let's celebrate the strong, inspiring, and accomplished women of West Tenth! We are so honored to be surrounded by the most incredible movers and shakers. They inspire us to do better, be better, and work to our strengths.

Female entrepreneurship is on the rise as women are exploring new paths, pursuing their dreams, and redefining success on their own terms.

From gifted artists creating custom paintings from their home studios; to accomplished designers helping declutter and organize their neighbors’ homes; to fitness experts tailoring workouts to postpartum mothers who can’t make it to the gym, women are taking the extensive talents and skills they’ve honed, and they are launching and growing businesses that support the lives of others and serve their local communities.

These fearless female founders share what it means to launch the business of your dreams - inspiring others to do the same.

Redefining Success On Your Terms

Meet Lyn Johnson and Sara Sparhawk of West Tenth

"After a decade of helping grow some of the world’s largest and most successful businesses in tech and finance, we knew we wanted to redirect that energy closer to home — to women running small businesses from their homes. We know the challenges that female founders face and we're on a mission to create a new economy where women who want to work for themselves can find the faith to bet on themselves. Where passion turns to profits. And where financial well-being is free for the taking."

Tap Into Your Talents

Meet Jackie of Cocoa Rome

"I started my business because I wanted to explore my creative side and be my own boss. I learned how to make chocolate by taking a class and then developed a business plan which would lead to my launch a year later."

Inspire the Next Generation

Meet Marci of Cakes by Marci Marie

"The most rewarding aspect to running Cakes by Marci Marie from my home is that it gives me the opportunity to be an example for my kids. I love showing them that their mom is working on something that she’s super passionate about."

Never Stop Learning

Meet Pricilla of Your Blue Donut

"I have learned a lot from when I first started my business. One very important lesson I keep learning over and over again is to be patient with myself, remember where I was when I started, where I am now, celebrate how much I have grown, see what I need to improve, work on it and do what I need to do to keep growing." READ MORE ABOUT PRICILLA'S STORY

Be Your Own Boss

Meet Meghann of Elm Rose Designs

"I love the flexibility my business provides. I can work from home doing something something I love."

And Work For Others

"I love that I can build a business that fits me and my personality, but I also love hearing that my clients' feel lighter, like a load was lifted off their shoulders, after an organizing session."

The marketplace needs a better place to support women starting and running their own companies from home, and a better place for communities to access those businesses. West Tenth is that place. To the millions of the creative, competent women who find themselves outside the traditional workforce, we say: welcome. You can have your cake and eat it, too. In fact, we know some talented home bakers who will make one for you.


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