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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Valentine’s Day will shortly be upon us and we all have someone special we’d like to give a gift to this loving holiday. Whether that’s your wife, mother, friend, teacher, or significant other. There are a number of ways for you to show you care! And we have some lovely Valentine’s Day gift ideas for you to help! And even a Valentine’s Day bundle to bring you a beautiful pairing of gorgeous flowers and delicious chocolates for your loved one

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Cocoa Rome Chocolate Company and Ladybuds Flowers have teamed up to create a gorgeous and delicious pairing of flowers and chocolates! All you need to do is download the West Tenth app, then search for Cocoa Rome Chocolate Company and place your order! You can choose between the $100 or $150 option and they’ll do the rest! Your Valentine will receive this thoughtful gift on Valentine’s Day! Only available in the Conejo Valley and nearby surroundings.

Happy Valentine’s Day My Love! Are you looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your wife or significant other? Saying Happy Valentine’s Day my love is truly personal. This is why West Tenth is the best place to find something for the love of your life. With a variety of custom and hand-made options, you’re sure to find something worthy of the saying. Time with a personal stylist is a marvelous way to show her you care. Stylists like Stephanie Hicks Co. and So Exciting Styling help to declutter a wardrobe. Helping a loved one to grow in confidence through style and intention. Making it a fabulous Valentine’s Day gift for your wife or significant other!

A family photo session is a wonderful way to capture a moment forever. Finding a family photographer in the Los Angeles and Conejo Valley areas on West Tenth is easy. Julie Campbell’s goal is to “photograph the love my clients have for each other — not just a perfectly posed family.” - Julie Campbell Photography - Sweet Dandelion Photography - Wise Photography

Happy Valentine’s Day Mom!

If you’re looking for that special Valentine’s Day gift for Mom look no further than time with a professional organizer. Show her you care by giving Mom a much-needed break and helping her save time while decluttering the house. Find professional organizers on the West Tenth app for iOS who are located in the Conejo Valley and Los Angeles areas.

Imagine saying, “Happy Valentine’s Day Mom” by gifting her a refreshed yard! Giving her time with a gardener can help her create an outdoor sanctuary. Professional consultants like, Tracy’s By the Yard, can restore balance in her garden or coach her on DIY improvements.


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