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Go BTS to See How to Run a Small Business

It’s National Small Business Week, a time to celebrate small business owners and honor the impact they have on our economy. This week emphasizes the importance of shopping local and supporting small businesses. Every day, these entrepreneurs are working to grow their businesses, create jobs, drive innovation, and improve their communities.

So we wanted to take you behind-the-scenes and show you just what it means to be a small business owner. We asked some of our West Tenth entrepreneurs to share the daily grind of running your own business and give us some strategic tips for staying productive and managing it all - from their morning rituals that set them up for success to self-care rituals that help them wind down.

R Fisher Designs

Rhonda Fisher of R Fisher Designs

"My morning ritual is exercising! It helps to clear my head so I can be in the right mind space when working on my business. I love the West Tenth community! I have met a lot of incredible women entrepreneurs. To West Tenth Lyn and Sara, thank you for creating this community for small business owners like me."

Meghann Tucker of Elm Rose Designs

"I’ve found through the few years I’ve been running a business that the most helpful thing for me was to stop thinking of it as “just a hobby”, “something I do for fun”, or just a “side thing”, and start thinking of it as a real, legitimate business. I know it sounds silly, but the simple change of perspective gave me a huge confidence boost and my business took off as a result. Once I had the confidence in myself and what I make, others did too."

Haley Thomas of Haley Thomas Photography

"I often have to remind myself that I can do anything, but I can not do everything. I put my energy and talents where they are most needed, and I find amazing people to take on the tasks that I do not need (or want) to do by myself, and this leaves so much more room for my family and the part of my business that I am most passionate about, MY CLIENTS!"

Adonna Ebrahimi of Artistry by Adonna

"I do my best to "stay in the flow" throughout the day, and if I start to feel stuck, even 10 minutes for a short walk in the sunshine can help turn me around. I start each and every painting session with a candle, my favorite music, and a smudge of sage. This practice tells my brain, "Hey! it's time to paint!"

Karen Bucknum of Karen B Creations

"Being a business owner can be hard and challenging at times, but the wonderful customers/people I meet along the way make everything worth it. Creating custom and personalized pieces to bring joy to others is what I love to do best! So thank you for being part of the W10th community."

Show a small business owner you admire some love this week:

  • Buy something from a small local business (save 20% this week with code SHOPSMALLSAVE20)

  • Write them a review to share about the great service or product you received

  • Tag a friend in one of their posts on social media


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