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Working from home? Here are some hacks to help you stay on track.

Set a routine and schedule

Set a schedule and build a routine. Try scheduling everything for one week. Time with kids or friends. Time for yoga or walks. Time to work. Even build out a calendar with specific work tasks. This way you can make the time to do everything you want (and need) to do and you’ll save so much mental energy when basic tasks become habitual.

Delegate, don't do it all

When you work from home, chores like cleaning your house can feel pressing. But, if you don't have the time to do it, you don't have to do it yourself. When it feels like there's not enough hours in the day, maybe there just isn't. You have a busy schedule, so delegate chores to children, partners, and even professionals to take some tasks off your list.

Plan meals (and eat them)

When you're running a business, working from home, and juggling responsibilities - it's too easy to skip a meal or grab fast food. Instead, try making one go-to grocery list for your house and shop once a week. Only cook every few days but double the recipe to eat later in the week, and prep lunches while you cook dinners.

Escape. Seriously.

Most of us are guilty of putting ourselves last on the list, but rebuilding your own inner peace will provide you with the energy you need to get things done. So take care of yourself. Just fifteen minutes of fresh air and a stroll around the neighborhood can rejuvenate you. Take a break and you'll be surprised at how your productivity will spike.


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