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Happy National Boss’s Day — becoming your own boss

It’s National Boss’s Day, so it’s time to celebrate all the bosses out there! While opportunities for women entrepreneurs have started to grow, it’s still a rather tricky mountain to climb. Enter in West Tenth, we’re encouraging local entrepreneurship development thru our iOS app.

Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs Of the many essentials to being a great leader, one of them is inspiring and enabling others to take more control of their ambitions. This is a huge piece of the pie for CEO Lyn Johnson in creating in a digital marketplace of women.

West Tenth was created around the seemingly simple idea of making work more accessible to women who may otherwise face barriers to entry. While the demands of having a family are portrayed as a huge obstacle to the success of women in general, we aim to change that. By encouraging women to take advantage of what they are capable of and what they can achieve, whether or not they have children.

Creating Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs Having a busy family lifestyle can be challenging, and getting your name out there can be tougher still. West Tenth is a platform for women who own and operate a business out of their homes so they can create their own free digital Storefront. But that’s not all, we also boast a support group of other bosses to elevate the collective community. Staying oriented to the community makes our home-based businesses feel more connected and more approachable.

No upfront capital or monthly sales quotas are required in order to be a part of our West Tenth community. “According to the US Department of Labor, 28 million women ages 20–64 abstained from the workforce last year, and research suggests that as many as 35 percent of these women would welcome paid work if it was more accessible,” said Johnson, West Tenth CEO.

Building Community Through Technology Additionally, part of our mission is to help neighbors connect with the amazing talents of their community. In days bygone, family, friends, and neighbors used to stroll the town main street to shop. While shopping local is picking up traction again, traditional e-commerce doesn’t offer great ways to shop local. Luckily, local shopping experiences is what our West Tenth app provides. Facilitating a way for the community to discover talented neighbors, boost the local economy, and feel good about where they spend their money.

Inspiring Entrepreneurial Development When Storefront Owners on West Tenth create their own businesses, they gain control of their own hours and place value on their unique skills. Becoming their own bosses and managing their own operations.

Some companies are hopping on the “returnships” bandwagon, which is basically a well-paid internship for parents returning to the workforce after a gap in work. While this is a step in the right direction, our West Tenth app is a way to jump over that hurdle and more directly hone one’s talents. A number of our Storefront Owners have even discovered new skills during their parental leave from a career. While for some, it’s a collection of work experience, hobbies, and life experiences combined. We’re able to instantly put a value on all of these.

There are no “boss babes” or “lady bosses” around here. Just bosses! And they can all be found working hard on the West Tenth app today. We hope you have an excellent Boss’s Day!


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