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How to Grow Your Home-Based Business with West Tenth

West Tenth's mission is to champion and amplify diverse voices and help make it easier for entrepreneurs to strengthen their businesses right from their homes, find community, and get paid doing what they love. From creative makers to talented service-providers, we proudly host an array of businesses on our platform.

We can help you:

1) Be Creative, Not Administrative

No website or payment services? Use ours. West Tenth is a cost-effective and low-risk alternative to launching a website. Setting up your storefront on the app is free, West Tenth only takes a small percentage when you make a sale. This frees up your time, mental-space and money to help you focus more on what you love to do.

2) Access Tools & Resources at Your Fingertips

Tap into The Foundry, our free courses and tools exclusively for West Tenth businesses to build skills such as marketing, bookkeeping, and licensing. You can also discover an army of talented businesses offering small business services to outsource your to-do list and get the help that's hard to find.

3) Grow Your Visibility & Find Community

Expand your customer-base and discover new clients that are local to you and across the country. Our customers are value-driven; they buy big and often. When you join West Tenth, you get access to our vast community of like-minded micro-businesses to build your network, create new collaborative connections, and feel the camaraderie.

How to become a West Tenth Business?

  • Download the West Tenth app here

  • Sign up as a Seller

  • Set-up your storefront

  • Start selling & booking clients


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