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Marketing Trends to Know in 2022

1. Be Authentic

90% of consumers say they seek authenticity in brands they support. Being authentic means that you are real, genuine and sharing a consistent voice. Social media isn't about showing off a picture perfect life, it's time to get in front of the camera and let your personality shine. The more dynamic, personal, and engaging your content, the better!

2. Engage

Social media is no longer just a photo-sharing platform, it's about actually being social. Platforms like Instagram are now immersive communication channels. Ask open-ended questions, add links to your stories, share ideas, include call-to-actions everywhere, respond to comments, and most importantly reciprocate by liking and commenting on other's posts.

3 Focus on Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to build up trust and show off your quality and talent is with online reviews. Many consumers look to reviews before interacting with a company, trusting the first-hand experience and unbiased views of previous customers. It's okay to request reviews and respond.

4. User-Generated Content

Leverage reviews, testimonials and other user-generated content to build trust, show off your shining reputation, and reduce the amount of content you have to produce. You can encourage your followers to post photos of your products or results from your services. Invite them to tag your business in the picture. When you find their posts, ask permission to post it on your own profile.

5. Video, Video, Video

Video content is on a huge upward trend. Videos are engaging and give customers more confidence in making buying decisions online. Show behind the scenes, share tutorial, or highlight new products and services. Anyone can make a video, use tools like Canva to help you create quality content.

BONUS: Networking

You can grow exponentially by collaborating with other business owners instead of working alone. You can gain business leads, learn from others' experiences, and build relationships that can inspire growth. Show other businesses love on social media by following, commenting, and sharing their posts. Join our Mastermind session on March 10th to build your Network.


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