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Meet Alyssa of Alyssa Dahneke Photography

Alyssa's love for photography started with a small point-and-shoot camera and has grown into a full business for her!

She has found much of her inspiration from her husband along with other photographers throughout history such as Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, and Rodney Smith.

Alyssa officially began her photography business in high school and continued it into college. She got her degree in photography and was able to work as a student photographer and intern for BYU Photo.

She enjoys the challenges and creativity her business brings her. Having an at-home business provides her the opportunity to be flexible and in control of her own schedule.

"My favorite thing about photography is seeing the beauty in the world around me and helping other people see it too."

Since Alyssa began her business, she has learned so much as a photographer and improved her craft quite a bit. She feels a lot more confident in her own skills and abilities and has learned so much about running a business. Alyssa knows there is always room for improvement and opportunities, but she feels like she has the tools to keep moving forward.

Tap into Alyssa's photography skills today by checking her out on the West Tenth app!


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