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Meet Amber of Wood Flower Barn

Amber Taylor joined West Tenth in 2021 and has quickly become one our marketplace's beloved businesses and best sellers.

"West Tenth has brought such a wonderful support system. It feels amazing to have an entire community of support as well as to be a part of such an amazing effort to showcase an often looked over pool of talent (home-based, women owned, businesses)."

For over 15 years Amber had been designing with fresh flowers and loved it! But each week she would cringe as she cleaned out the cooler and had to throw away countless blooms that still had some life in them. When she was introduced to sola wood flowers in 2019, she realized what a great product it was. Not only is their carbon footprint exponentially lower than that of both fresh and silk flowers, but they are completely biodegradable if left in their raw state.

In 2020 she resigned from her job as a fresh-flower florist to start Wood Flower Barn. By launching her own company she was not only able to fulfill her dream of creating beautiful things that last and sharing them with customers in her community and nation-wide, but also stay home and raise her kids.

"I've loved seeing the growth that has happened not only in myself but also in the lives of my husband and kids."

Each flower is handmade in India from the sholapith plant. The bark is shaved and then formed into various flower shapes. Sola wood is soft and pliable, and is among the lightest wood in the wold. It can be dyed virtually any color and when cared for, can last a lifetime! Since flowers are typically given as gifts or used in unforgettable moments, why not use a flower that can be customized to reflect the exact emotion or impression of that moment, but that can be kept as a keepsake forever?


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