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Meet Erica of The Birthday Concierge

Erica began her business in August of 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and she wasn't sure about continuing her job as a school teacher. She had always loved planning over-the-top parties for her children and discovered that she could make a business out of it.

Erica realized that she wanted to be more involved with her children's lives and so she created her business so that she could decide her own hours and have the flexibility to spend time with her kids.

The idea was to provide everything for busy moms who wanted to throw a Pinterest party but just didn't have the time or energy.

Erica's favorite part of her business is being able to have the creative freedom to bring her ideas to life. She loves hearing from customers that they usually don't do anything special for a holiday, but because she created this party box, their kids had the time of their life celebrating all the fun holidays. This year, Erica plans on creating party boxes for Valentine's Day, Easter, Summer, July 4th, First Day of School, and Halloween.


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