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Meet Priscila of Your Blue Donut

Inspired by her son's battle with cancer, Priscila grew from seeing her son's strength and loves to see people enjoy and celebrate life. "When I feel overwhelmed with work and when it is hard, I think of him and tell myself: I can do hard things, I can do this."

Priscila W., owner and operator of West Tenth Storefront: Your Blue Donut

We asked Priscila the how and why behind Your Blue Donut where she makes garlands and banners:

"I started Your Blue Donut after my youngest son was finished with his cancer treatment. From that experience, I learnt how important it is to create memories. The reason for this business is to inspire and remind people to celebrate life and create memories. My hope is that through the products I create, people will feel inspired to celebrate even the little things in life. Life is so unpredictable and tomorrow is never promised.

My son Mateo inspires me. He has done really hard things. When I feel overwhelmed with work and when it is hard, I think of him and tell myself: "I can do hard things, I can do this”. Also, listening to other women's stories who have successful at-home businesses inspire me because their stories help me keep going. They remind me that it is also possible for me to succeed and grow my business while still being able to be home and raise my family.

Inspired by life experiences: "After 3 months of chemotherapy treatment, our son wasn’t eating much because nothing tasted good to him anymore and his appetite was almost gone. One day, when we were staying with our son in the hospital, we had a conversation with him about donuts and he said that he wanted one, but not just any donut, he wanted a blue donut and, to be more specific, he wanted a light blue donut. It turns out that it wasn’t an easy task to find a blue donut but after calling many donut shops we got one of them to make it for him. It made our son so happy and the rest of the family super excited to see him eat and smile. When we were thinking about why we wanted to start a business and what kind of products we wanted to offer, the name “Your Blue Donut” stood out to us because we wanted to bring a smile to other people and help them celebrate life."

I own an at home business in lieu of a traditional job because I want to be able to be home with my kids, to set my own time and schedule, and to have the flexibility that I want for me and my family. I learned how to make my garlands from trial and error. I look for inspiration from the world around me, nature and just playing around with the colors and shapes.

I have learned a lot from when I first started my business. One very important lesson I keep learning over and over again is to be patient with myself, remember where I was when I started, where I am now, celebrate how much I have grown, see what I need to improve, work on it and do what I need to do to keep growing so I can continue to serve my current and future customers.

My favorite part about what I do is helping customers when they have questions or need help with their orders, preparing the orders and imagining all the celebrations that are going to happen once my customers get their products. Hearing from my customers about how they liked the products they bought from me and seeing their pictures and how they used them to decorate, celebrate, and create memories makes me so happy and really helps me keep going and do the work I do so I can continue to serve more people."

Help us bring a smile to Your Blue Donut this season - let’s sell out her shop!

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