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Meet Shauntra of Change Mindset Wellness

Shauntra's husband is a Navy Veteran. The two spent all of his service time stationed in California, during which they faced many challenges within their personal and home lives. While Shauntra's husband focused on building his Navy career, she focused on working and attending school full time.

It was challenging living in a new area with no support system from family or friends, and soon enough they would be first-time parents to their oldest son. It was then that Shauntra decided to stop school mid-way and focus on a healthy work-life balance in order to maintain her peace of mind. Becoming a stay-at-home mom was not an option for her at the time, and she was determined to build a strong career on the management level within her company. As their family grew, her husband decided to leave his Navy career behind so he could be available full time for his family.

"I am forever grateful for the opportunities my husband and I received as a Military Family."

As she began to make healthier choices for her mind and body, Shauntra realized that she was healing herself from her past trauma. This self-healing journey is what ultimately inspired her idea for Change Mindset Wellness, a coaching service that supports women in reaching Wellness Clarity while unblocking mental barriers.

Shauntra deeply understands the emotions of sadness, anger, confusion, as well as trauma and what it can do to the human mind and body. She is passionate about helping women who are seeking a change in their overall wellness lifestyle and nutrition.

Like many other entrepreneurs, running her own business means she has control over her life. She can comfortably commit to her family as a full time stay at home mom + wife, and that is all she could really ask for.

"West Tenth means the world plus so much more to me. As a business owner I appreciate the support expressed towards myself and business. I love being a part of a community who truly understands what I need to remain successful. "

Fun fact: Shauntra's first passion for the business world came at the age of 5 when she began hand sewing custom clothes for her Barbie dolls and created custom bed pillows for her grandmother. By the time she was 14 her childhood hobby turned into designing wedding gowns, prom dresses and church decor for her local church community. During this very moment she knew she would become the world's best wedding dress designer. She even had dreams of working alongside Vera Wang, her childhood hero.

Are you ready to take control of your health & wellness? Reach out to Shauntra so she can provide you with guidance and clarity!


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