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Meet Sheryll of Pretty Little Things by Sheryll

Pretty Little Things by Sheryll grew from my desire to help people develop their inner creative spirit in a positive, encouraging environment.

Pretty Little Things by Sheryll started with a shoe, of all things. I needed to add a decal to a pair of sneakers, so I bought a Cricut machine. I had so much fun figuring out that one task, I decided to join a Cricut group. After I gained some proficiency, I joined a nonprofit and taught people to do Cricut-based crafts.

Teaching these workshops opened my eyes to how much I love helping people. Pretty Little Things by Sheryll grew from my desire to help people develop their inner creative spirit in a positive, encouraging environment. It’s fairly easy to find lovely crafts for sale. And there’s no shortage of craft tutorials. But there are very few in-person teachers. I know how fulfilling it can be to complete a craft project and I also know how intimidating it can be to start a project without any support. Leading workshops has taught me that I can use my skills and interests to care for the people in my community.

Running craft workshops is something the teenage version of me would never have envisioned. I was definitely that introverted kid who hid in the back of the classroom so I wouldn’t be called on. But I’ve always been creative; I’ve always loved art and figuring out how things are put together. Crafting is the perfect combination of artistic expression and problem-solving. And it’s brought out the extroverted side of me I didn’t know I had!

When I’ve made commissioned crafts (I also do wood signs and glass etching), I’ve had clients tell me I was a mind reader. One of my clients nearly cried after I worked to finalize her idea! It’s always gratifying when clients feel that you understand them. And after all, a crafted good should be as unique and special as the person receiving it. As much as I love it when I can make the perfect item for others, I’ve realized I love it even more when I can teach them how to do it themselves.

And now, I’ve found my niche teaching workshops. Our crafting workshops always seem to strengthen the bonds between participants by allowing them to be vulnerable and learn together as a group. It seems crafting can encourage closeness in a way few other activities can. Pretty Little Things by Sheryll has done craft nights for sports teams, professional team building, girls’ nights out, and date nights. We’ve been to private homes, wineries and nonprofits. We use high-quality materials so the finished craft is something people will be proud to display. I love helping people feel the satisfaction that comes from creating a beautiful project with their own hands. Seeing people succeed is the best!

The workshops I enjoy most, however, are the ones I lead in assisted-living communities. I was recently hired by a center for dementia patients. Once a week, I lead a craft workshop for the patients and their caregivers. The crafts are basic and simple without being juvenile, so they’re still interesting. The dementia patients participate as they’re able. But I find it’s the caregivers who really love it. They have a hard job and I am proud that my workshops afford them the opportunity to take a little break in their day and to even have a little fun.

Working with dementia patients taught me the healing power of crafts. My dream for Pretty Little Things by Sheryll is to expand my classes to more types of groups. Craft workshops provide lighthearted fun, and lighthearted fun can be just the thing to bring comfort to families and individuals who might be in need of a break. My workshops bring groups together around a low-stakes, highly sociable activity, allowing the groups to foster unity and cohesion. My goal is to share the uplifting power of crafts with more people, especially those who are in need of a little extra love and support.

Work with Sheryll at Pretty Little Things by Sheryll by downloading the West Tenth App for iOS:


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