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Selling Goods or Services Online with West Tenth

It’s easy to sign up as a storefront on West Tenth. But how can you optimize your storefront for increased traffic and sales? Read on to learn more!

Description – One of the first tasks in setting up your storefront is the description. Now’s the time to be specific, so rather than providing a few broad sentences about what you do generally, make it clear exactly what you do or offer. Do the work for the client so they can easily “see themselves” in your products or services. For example, if you’re a baker, list all the different kinds of items you can create – and for what types of events. If you’re a party planner, add specific venues and themes you focus on. The more specific your description is, the more likely someone will see what they want in the offerings you provide!  Keep in mind the word count for storefront descriptions is 500 words, so you might draft this in Word or Google Docs before adding it to the storefront setup page.

Photos – Equally important are photographs! When adding these to your storefront, make sure they truly reflect your work and reveal your range of offerings. Make sure you have permission to use the photos (e.g., from clients or people in the photos) and make sure the lighting is flattering, to show off the best of your hard work. Up to 9 photographs are allowed, so make the most of them!

Pricing – And now to the part we often struggle with – how to describe your pricing in a way that keeps people on your site and encourages them to put items in their cart? West Tenth makes this easy by providing a pricing template* to help you start your price list. You can also create a menu for services and goods, complete with a photo carousel to show people exactly what you offer. This gives customers a good sense of your pricing so they can make an informed choice when making a purchase. Be clear about your pricing, and don’t list a lower price up front than what you will really charge. This way, you avoid those who aren’t serious buyers, while attracting those who are willing to pay the right price for your offerings.

If desired, add a range of pricing, which is specific enough to give the customer a rough idea, without being mysterious about it. Most people interpret “pricing upon request” as “that’s going to be expensive,” so list a range if that’s more appropriate for your services. The pricing section allows for 100 words, so again, craft them carefully before uploading them to the storefront. Storefronts can send a more complete PDF of their own making to clients through the app’s messaging option. 

While the West Tenth storefront setup is easy, paying close attention to the key elements of description, photographs, and pricing can help reflect your business’s real value. By following these tips, your storefront will attract those who are a good match for your offerings, and keep those loyal customers coming back!


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