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The Power of Women-Owned Businesses

Women Supporting Women

80% of consumer spending is controlled by women, yet only 12% of all that money goes to female-owned businesses.

In a recently published article in Time, journalist Alana Semuels got the idea to only shop women-owned businesses. When she started on her journey she discovered that even if you are determined to only buy women-owned, it’s not easy. (Read the full article.)

That’s why we're a community of women hellbent on helping to launch, grow, and support businesses owned by women.

West Tenth created a marketplace for home-based businesses and independent creators to elevate the ingenuity of women entrepreneurs. It’s easy to find a directory of women-owned businesses near you, all in one place on the West Tenth app, whether looking for a unique gift handmade in Arizona, a local bakery in Utah, or a CPA in California.

“Recognizing that we have to work a little harder to succeed at both work and home; we have to be willing to advocate and support one another.” – Lyn Johnson, West Tenth CEO

Experts say that increasing gender equity in the workforce would translate into $2 trillion in economic gains for the U.S. alone.

For every 10% increase in gender equity, there is a 1% to 2% increase in revenue – and women stand to gain the most from these increases. With approximately 15 million home-based businesses in the U.S., it’s a significant segment of the overall economy, and most of these businesses are run by women.

We as women have to use the power of our dollar and choose women-owned businesses.


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