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Your Holiday Self Care Checklist

The holidays are swinging in at full force, and all the decorating, cooking, gifting, and entertaining is a pleasant diversion for the ever-dropping temperatures and shrinking daylight. Whether you find this time of year fun or stressful or both, taking a little time for yourself could be just the refreshment you need to handle the holidays. We all have a long list of holiday to-dos. But have you created a self care checklist for the holidays?

Do a Self Care Assessment Treating yourself or a smidgen of self-care is where we at West Tenth come in. You may have heard how storefront owners on our West Tenth app can plan your party, make your gifts, wrap the gifts, bake your goodies, or snap your photos. (And if you haven’t heard, now you have!)

There’s plenty of choices to help with your self care checklist, from workout classes to beauty products and services. Who doesn’t love to sit down and let someone else handle their hair and makeup for a big holiday get together?! Or would it be your idea of wonderful to enjoy the moment with your loved ones instead of baking all day? Unless you love to bake, we salute you! Treating yourself has never had more options. Creating a Self Care Plan with Niru Beauty Meet Leena R. of Niru Beauty, a storefront owner who’s products aren’t just about looking good but also the experience you have using them. “Time is precious during the holiday season. Having a short and simple skincare routine can be a very effective way to start your morning or end your day on a positive note that acknowledges the importance of you,” Leena expressed.

She conveys the importance of the tactile sensations associated with applying a face mask or giving yourself a little face massage with her facial oil blend. “Only a minute of applying and massaging your face in upward motion…all the while, smiling and loving yourself is needed. The holiday season with the lack of time, rich foods, lack of sleep, overwork, etc. is the time your skin needs some love. One or two small habits can keep your skin and you glowing for the holidays.” Adding this to your self care plan this year is a must!

Self Care Checklist for Moms

Between a job, a home, friends and family, and all the beautiful and complicated intricacies of our lives, finding the time can be a real struggle. Giving ourselves permission to take a little time out, not just for our bodies, but our minds as well. “The lack of time is given, but the lack of mental space for ourselves is also missing, but not always acknowledged. Self-care routines, no matter how long or short, are critical in making that mental space. Self-care in any form is an affirmation of self-love and the acknowledgment of the importance of you as an individual outside your various roles as host, mom, professional, etc.” says Leena.


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