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Setting up your West Tenth Storefront

Seller Guide

Seller Resources

Watch, read, and learn how to join West Tenth

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Download to Get Started

Download the West Tenth app to start setting up your very own storefront!

Just follow the setup prompts in the app. You can always return to this page if you have questions about setup or email us at

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App Videos & Tutorials

Setting Up Quick Shop

How to set up our NEWEST feature: Quick Shop on the West Tenth app.

Signing Up To Sell/Display Your Services or Goods

How to sign up as a Storefront to sell your custom goods or services on the West Tenth app.

How to Crop Photos

The cover photo for your storefront is best cropped to a 4:3 aspect ratio as demonstrated in this video.

Connecting to Stripe

Learn how to get the money you earn through West Tenth. We use Stripe to safely process the payments from your customers.

Storefront Dashboard

How to use your Storefront dashboard to see your Thank You Notes, revenue, add photos, change your personal info, shop info, and range for customers.

In App Messaging

This how you can communicate with your customers, other Storefront Owners, or anyone on West Tenth. First point of contact from a customer will be through messaging.

Order Process

How buyers get in touch with Storefronts to place an order.

Order Process (Part 1)

How buyers get in touch with Storefronts to place an order.

Order Process (Part 2)

What happens when you get an order, how to send details, and how to complete billing to your customers.

Setting Up Your Profile

How to update your profile info, photos, pause your Storefront, notifications, geolocations, contact customer support, log out of your account; and get your direct link to send your outside customer bases, friends, and family.

View Your Earnings

How to check your earnings and Stripe.

Shopping on West Tenth

Sign up to buy on West Tenth. You will need to set up a separate account from your seller account.

How to use West Tenth Shareable Templates

Find the shareable template here.

And Canva Pricing Templates can be found here.


Customer Support

 Call us: 310-400-0610 or email us at


Sharing the West Tenth App

There are multiple ways to share the West Tenth app. Every Storefront owner will get a unique link to their Storefront on West Tenth. You can also access a general link through the profile page in the app: "Share West Tenth." If you don't have your personal link, please contact us!

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