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We are building a modern main street

West Tenth is a first-of-its-kind digital marketplace, encouraging women to turn their everyday talents into vibrant storefronts

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On West Tenth you’ll find

Crafted, consumer services. By that we mean solutions to projects that require collaboration, creativity, and that personal touch in order to meet your expectations. Shop West Tenth to find the services shown below and much, much more.

Creative Services

Creative Services

Photography, writing, floral design, beauty & personal care

Home Services

Home Services

Home baking, home organization and interior decorating

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Educational Services

Educational Services

Foreign languages, music lessons, tutoring, swim lessons

Professional Services

Professional Services

Graphic design, personal finance, social media consulting

West Tenth aims to unleash the potential of the women around us

We believe in helping women turn their unique talents into businesses that serve their local communities.
We believe in improving your community’s access to the talents of the women around you.
We believe in a modern, women-led main street.
Female diversity

What Sets Us Apart

West Tenth is a digital marketplace that encourages women to market their everyday talents to their local communities. Our shops are owned and run by women in your neighborhood.


Become a Storefront Owner

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Set Up Shop - Step 1

Set Up Shop

Enter some basic information such as name and location
Fill in storefront details, telling us more about your business
Create a Stripe account in order to enable transactions (note that Stripe is a third party)

And voilà! Your storefront is now ready for review by West Tenth admin.

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Manage Your Storefront - Step 2

Manage Your Storefront

Connect with a supportive, like-minded community

Track key business metrics

Display Thank You Notes from customers for a job well done

Pause your storefront when it’s time for a holiday or a well deserved break

By joining West Tenth you are elevating your business’s profile on the digital main street.  

Manage Your Storefront mockupManage Your Storefront mockup
My Orders mockupMy Orders mockup
Manage Your Orders - Step 3

Manage Your Orders

Vet client requests before accepting their projects

Estimate your time and costs

Collaborate through in-app messaging

Invoice and process payments when the project is done

Visit the “Your Earnings” section to get paid!

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