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Meet Lavanya of The Wonder Moon

From starting her career as a writer to becoming her own boss curating gift boxes, Lavanya has done it all.

The idea for The Wonder Moon came from an experience when she had given a gift to a friend. They liked the way she packaged gifts and commissioned her to make a themed birthday gift basket for them. From there, her orders kept coming and it eventually turned into The Wonder Moon.

Like many other at-home business owners, Lavanya appreciates the flexibility her business gives her. She is able to fulfill orders and be a mom all at the same time.

Lavanya said she has been able to let go of her perfectionism and enjoy the journey her business brings her. She even said The Wonder Moon has been the ride of a lifetime.

"My favorite part is when customers reach out to me telling me how much their loved ones enjoyed their gifts. To think that I can brighten someone's day takes on so much more meaning to me following the pandemic."


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